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Encouragement, empathy, and empowerment to light up the dark.

About Lunare


Lunare Wellness Services offers individual, couple, and family therapy to people of all ages. Integrative therapy can become a crucial process for growth and restabilization after a crisis or transition. Lunare is a place where light meets dark and people learn to dance with shadows. It is a place where you are encouraged to soak up the warmth of the sun while also appreciating the stillness of the night sprinkled with stars. It is a place of peace and tranquility that we hold within ourselves wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. It is a place of self empowerment and understanding. We find wellness in the depth of our personal emotional well, drawing up the buckets to quench the our thirst from a hard day's work and soothe the tension in our souls. Lunare works to cultivate wellness in each individual and relationship system. Drawing on concepts large and small to give each individual the supportive and illuminating experience they seek. Personal growth is done by the self with the supportive encouragement of others.


Lauren Zerbst, LCSW

Lauren Zerbst, LCSW, CST


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