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Therapeutic Specialties

Lauren Zerbst, LCSW, CST specializes in working 

with people and populations wishing to explore their sexual identity, relationship style, and different ways of living and loving in todays world. She offers off the cuff and out of the box ways of navigating from dating and mating to making up and breaking up. Lauren offers a creative place to talk about relationship fantasies next steps. She specializes in deescalating relationships and helping people use space as a love language and find ways of uncoupling and breaking up better. Lauren has a particular soft spot for supporting queer and kinky populations as well as those practicing ENM and multiamory. She is attachment based and pulls from many therapeutic theories and disciplines such as IFS, David Search, Esther Perel, EFT, Imago, DBT, and Mindfulness practices to support her clinical interventions. 

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