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Lunare Wellness, LLC is a therapy and consulting service with a mission to help others learn, celebrate, and heal through various issues surrounding sexual health. We offer comprehensive workshops, consulting and trainings on a wide range of topics related to sexual and relational health and wellness. 

Visit Theory and Practice and Lunare is for Lovers pages for detailed clinical therapeutic information.

Popular topics include: 

  • Sex Positive Professionals: The importance of including intimate conversations in health care environments

  • Relearning Touch: Sensate focus and the Three-minute Game

  • Culturally competent clinical trainings for professionals on queer, kink, and multiamory

  • I Want to Want to: Desire discrepancy downers and what to do about them

  • Let's Talk about Sex  Coital communication

  • Consent (FRIES and TEA for you and me)

  • Ordering Off The Menu: Creative relationship design 

  • The Break up Breakthrough: Deescalation is not defeat

  • From Lovers to Friends: Boundaries for buddies

  • Mindful Masturbation

  • Somatic Sex: Embodied approaches to exploring sexual identity

  • Multiamory in Motion

  • BDSM, kink, and power exchange community support

  • Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes? Swinging Safely

Lauren is available for podcasts, interviews, and creative ways to bring sex-positive discussions to your space, community, or event.


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